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We help families that have a loved one moving into senior living.

Senior Life Transition

Navigating Senior Life Transition with Ease in Olympia

At Sound Transition Team, we are not just specialists; we are your neighborly experts in Thurston County, including Olympia, Tumwater, and Lacey, Washington, here to facilitate a seamless transition for seniors moving to care communities. We proudly boast the Mom's House certification, which underscores our dedication and expertise in handling senior home transitions with the utmost care and efficiency.

Trading the stresses of a traditional home sale for our streamlined process isn't just a choice; it's a gateway to peace of mind. We purchase senior homes exactly as they are, sparing families the turmoil of renovations, intensive clean-ups, and the indefinite waiting game associated with standard sales. This means you have the power to close the deal in weeks, not months, ensuring prompt access to essential care.

We foster a community of understanding and rapid response in Olympia and neighboring locales, working hand-in-hand with seniors and their loved ones to transition gracefully into long-term care communities. Our ongoing engagement with the Senior Living Industry equips us with the knowledge and networks to serve you better, presenting not just solutions, but opportunities for a nurturing and compassionate change.

Need help deciding what to do? Click below to connect with a Senior Transition Specialist who is ready to discuss options and stand by you every step of the way.

Mom's House Senior Transition Specialist

As Certified Senior Transition Specialists, we are advocates for seniors and specialize in helping families transition their aging loved ones into senior care. Our team eliminates the stress of making the house ready for sale.

We are honored to be a pivotal part of a transformative movement focused on facilitating smoother transitions into long-term care for our seniors. Interested in learning more about this purpose-driven initiative and our unwavering commitment to the senior industry? Dive deeper at momshouse.com.

The Essential Guide to Understanding and
Funding Senior Care

  • Discover Resources for Funding Senior Care

  • Evaluate Senior Living Options for Your Loved One

  • Strategize a Smooth Transition into Care

  • Ensure Your Loved One’s Safety and Companionship

Our Mission & Vision

To help families solve one of their biggest challenges in the journey to senior care by offering an easier, less stressful way to sell mom’s (or dad’s) house without cleaning it up, cleaning it out, making repairs, or paying realtor fees. We purchase senior homes outright, in as-is condition so families can close within weeks instead of months and get mom the care she needs.

Through our vast network encompassing senior living operators, placement agents, home healthcare providers, downsizing mavens, and elder law professionals, we forge a united front to lighten the family's load with understanding and compassion, crafting solutions that dignify every step of the transition to senior care.

Transitioning to Senior Living?


Sound Transition Team

  • Real Estate Agent Fees

  • Rehab Costs

  • Make-Ready Costs

  • Getting Rid of "The Stuff"

  • Scheduling Showings

  • Confidence Family Home in Good Hands


Sound Transition Team

  • No Fees or Commissions

  • Fair Cash Offer to Purchase As-Is

  • Close in Weeks With no Closing Costs

  • Free Up Equity to Pay For Care Sooner

  • We Take Care of All "The Stuff"

  • Happier Families

  • Freeing up Your Time to Focus on Care

How soon do you want the house sold?


Sound Transition Team


Sound Transition Team

Let's Talk

Our property specialist will give you a free, no-obligation consultation at your convenience.

Get a Cash Offer

We will provide you with a fair cash offer within 24 hours of our visit.

A Fast Closing

Avoid the hassle of showings and open houses. We can close as quickly, or as slowly, as you want.

Empathy, Over Expenses

In our book, compassion trumps commission. We aren't your typical real estate agents; we actually buying the homes, a move that eliminates the hassle of renovations, staging, and endless showings — not to mention those hefty realtor fees. Indeed, our service comes at zero cost to families and communities alike.

Consider us your dependable guides, offering steadfast support to both families and seniors as they navigate the complex transition into long-term care. We pride ourselves on facilitating swift and seamless home sales, all while extending the utmost respect and understanding during this significant life chapter. Our duty is to be there, transforming a potential time of stress into a period of serene transition.

About Us

Sound Transition Team alleviates the pressing challenge many families face on the path to senior care — selling the family home without the traditional hassles. We are a beacon of relief, providing an expedited, stress-free home-selling experience that respects both the family's history and its future. We stand as a rock-solid ally in Olympia, buying senior homes promptly and in their existing condition, cutting down the time to close to a matter of weeks.

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